Still Life
Guitar Shop
Earth Air Fire Water
Playground Perspective
Heaven and Hell
Flame Bait
Dive Dive
Leaving a Trail of Broken Hearts
Give Me A Lever
Club Soda
Enamel Containers
4 Spoons In A Bowl I
4 Spoons In A Bowl II
Swirls of Color
The Pencil and the Pushpin III
Flame Bait II
Life Events
Sharp Minty Flavor
Collect 200
Budda and the \'Bot
New And Improved Packaging
Aqueous Duck Martini
Money Laundering
Just in Case
Pay Day
Writer'\s Block
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Barefoot in the Grass


I'm happy to make any of my images available to you as high quality giclee, canvas, metal or acrylic prints. (I love the acrylic ones) Contact me at the link below and I'll let you know about price and size availability.

Some prints are already available at my gallery at, where you can see price and size availablity.

Like my portrait style? Let's do a photo session together!

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