Fractals II
Infinite On-Ramps
Jelly Belly of the Beast
Laser Eye Surgery
Mardi Gras
Mandela 157
Ezekial's Wheel
Bicycle Chain
The Eye of Sauron
Bridge of Time
Galactic Paramecium
Proscenium Arches
All Roads Lead Home
Dream Catcher
Giger Spirals
Fertile Crescents
Speaking in Tongues
Spider Eggs
Baubles and Beads
Hand Wrought Copper Weave
Inner Ear

Many of my fractal designs are available as skins for your laptop, cell phone, Kindle or gaming device! Check 'em out at


I'm happy to make any of my images available to you as high quality giclee, canvas, metal or acrylic prints. (I love the acrylic ones) Contact me at the link below and I'll let you know about price and size availability.

Some prints are already available at my gallery at, where you can see price and size availablity.

Like my portrait style? Let's do a photo session together!

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